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Pakistan Journal of Physiology

Pak J Physiol 2010;6(1)

p-ISSN 1819-270X, e-ISSN 2073-1183, IP/0034

Volume 6, No. 1 (Jan-Jun 2010)


Original Articles

Antioxidant activity of Citrullus colocynthis pulp extract in the RBCs of alloxan-induced diabetic rats                                   1

Dallak M, Bin-Jaliah I

Resting heart rate and its relationship with general and abdominal obesity in young male Saudi University students            6

Talay Yar

Pattern of cardiovascular diseases in pilgrims admitted in Al-NoorHospital Makkah during Hajj 1429H                              14

Abdulhalim Salim Serafi

Haematological and electrocardiographic variations during menstrual cycle                                                                                         18

Rajnee, Vinod Kumar Chawla, Raghuveer Choudhary, Bijendra Kumar Binawara, Sunita Choudhary

Understanding of cardiovascular phenomena in medical students                                                                                               22

Dullo P, Chaudhary R

Pulmonary Function Tests in three wheeler diesel taxi drivers in Bikaner City                                                                                              28

Bijendra Kumar Binawara, Sushila Gahlot, Kamlesh Chandra Mathur, Ashok Kakwar, Reshu Gupta, Rajnee

Assessment of Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein as atherosclerosis risk marker in Type 1 Diabetic children

 with short history of Diabetes Mellitus                                                                                                                                            32

Aqeela Hamad, Hamid Javaid Qureshi, Shahid Hasan, Waqas Sami

Seminal fructose in various classes of infertile patients                                                                                                                       36

Zahoor Ahmed, Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Mudassir Ahmad Khan, Amin ul Haq, Jamil ur Rahman

Garlic used as an alternative medicine to control diabetic mellitus in alloxan-induced male rabbits                                       39

Mahesar H, Bhutto MA, Khand AA, Narejo NT

Principal inspiratory muscle of Uromastix Hardwickii                                                                                                                    42

Muhammad Abdul Azeem, Saima Gul, Sadaf Ahmed, Waheeb Dakheelullah Al-Harbi, Nabeeh Ibrahim Ali Rakkah

Comparison of Body Mass Index and waist circumference in predicting incident diabetes                                                            47

Anjum Humayun, Arbab Sher Shah


Importance of Immunonutrients                                                                                                                                                       50

Puja Dullo, Neeraj Vedi

Ion channels and channelopathies                                                                                                                                                     54

Amina Nadeem, M. Mazhar Hussain

Guidelines for Authors                                                                                                                                                                            58

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