Pakistan Physiological Society

Pakistan Journal of Physiology

Pak J Physiol 2006;2(2)          ISSN 1819-270X          Volume 2, No. 2 (Jul-Dec 2006)


Original Articles

The Effect Of Acute Consumption Of Paraoxon On Basal And Pentagastrin-Stimulated Gastric Acid And Pepsin Secretion In Rats

Fatemeh Nabavizadeh Rafsanjani, Jalal Vahedian, Zakieh Vahedian Ardakani, Mehran Moradi, Amir Fakhr Attar

Influence Of Serum Homocysteine On Platelet Count In Stable Hemodialysis Patients

Hamid Nasri

Endothelial Dysfunction Underlying The Increased Contractility In Aorta From Older Rats

Dileep Kumar Rohra, Hina Saeed Zubairi, Yasushi Ohizumia

Oral Hypertonic Glucose, For Analgesia In The Premature Newborns

Zohreh Badiee

Sleep And Wakefulness During Holy Month Of Ramadan

Saadat Ali Khan, Muhammad Zaheer, Saadia Aiza, M. A. Hafeez

Frequency Distribution Of Atherogenic Dyslipidemia In Saudi Type-2 Diabetic Patients

Syed Shahid Habib

Effect Of Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) On Penile Vasculature And Cardiodynamics In Diabetic Males With And Without Neuropathy

Syed Tabrez Ali, Nabeeh I. Rakkah

Air Pollution By Roadside Dust And Automobile Exhaust At Busy Road-Crossings Of Lahore

Zafar Altaf Jafary, Ilyas Ahmed Faridi

Prevalence Of Taste Blindness To Phenylthiocarbamide In Punjab

Tehseen Iqbal, Asad Ali, Salman Atique

Mechanical Characteristics Of Rib Cage Elevator Muscle Of Reptile Uromastix hardwickii

Azeem MA, Saima G, Sadaf A

Smoking is Related To Albumin Excretion In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Muhammad Aslam Abbasi, Hafeezullah, Alla-ud-Din Abro, Muzaffar Sheikh

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